Victim’s Voice: Man’s truck stolen from gas pump in broad daylight

Video courtesy of Jason Smith

BATON ROUGE —- A truck was stolen from a Chevron on Airline Highway on May 24, and the suspect has not been found yet, according to the victim.

Jason Smith walked into the store while his 2022 Dodge Ram 1500 was at the pump. Chevron’s surveillance cameras picked up the whole incident.

The footage shows Smith walking into the store. Shortly after, a white Ford Mustang pulled up to the set of gas pumps next to the truck.

A man is seen getting out of the car’s passenger side, walking to Smith’s truck, opening the door, and driving away.

“I immediately called 911, and two BRPD officers showed up within minutes,” Smith said. “They got a partial license plate off the car that was used to steal my truck. The officer then made a call to someone who deals with the license plate readers/cameras in BR. About two minutes later, the lady called the officer back and sent him a pic of the car to verify. I was only in the store for about 60 seconds and called 911 within three minutes of my truck driving off.”

Smith said he believes the police have identified the owner of the car because he witnessed law enforcement run the license plate and pull up information regarding the Mustang’s owner.

It’s why Smith is slightly upset and wondering why the delay to get some answers.

“Now that my case has been entered into their system, it has been placed on the back burner,” Smith said. “They are not putting forth any effort to apprehend the owner of the Mustang. I have contacted a private investigator, but he can’t really do much without the information of the Mustang owner, and the BRPD will not give him any information. So they have the info needed to recover my truck but won’t.”

“My insurance may not cover this theft because I left the keys in the truck,” he added. “I am about to be out of $60k because the police won’t do their job or share the info to let my PI do it for them.”

Smith admits he left the keys in his car while running inside the store, but at this point, he’s hoping police are able to track down his truck and the person seen on video stealing it.

Anyone with information on the theft is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 344-STOP.

*BRPD does not work with UWK and does not respond to any emails or questions regarding cases. It’s why BRPD does not have a response in this report.*

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  1. NOW will you agree with me just how USELESS cops truly are ?
    Abolish law enforcement, pocket the savings.
    I WOULD ask what kind of mow-ron leaves keys in an unattended vehicle, well, never mind

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