Victim’s Voice: “She had two pistols pointed at her and then was robbed of everything”

LSU freshman robbed at gunpoint as she was walking to her car to go to class.

“Just know it happened and keep your eyes open. Don’t not know it happened and be the next victim.”

It was around 8am Thursday, Jan. 20th at the Legacy Apartments when a mother says her 19-yr-old daughter was robbed at gunpoint of not only her car, but her bookbag and all her belongings.

“It’s upsetting that it happened in broad daylight where there supposedly is security. I don’t know how my daughter is ever going to walk in that parking lot to go to her class ever again.”

The mother is coming forward without her daughter’s name because she said she wants others in the same apartment complex to be aware of what’s possible. Plus, she said other college students in Baton Rouge should be aware of what’s happening around them.  

“Just know it happened and keep your eyes open. Don’t not know it happened and be the next victim.”

She said her daughter, who is a freshman at LSU, was leaving to head to her morning class when she noticed three young men, all wearing hoodies, masks and black clothing. She said her daughter saw the three of them coming down a stairwell of a different building but did not think much of it. When she somewhat suspected something, she said she walked even faster to her car but before she knew it, she had two guns to her head.  

“They wanted her to open her bookbag. She was so scared that she just said take everything, her wallet that she keeps in her bookbag with her Id, credit cards, all sorts of personal information, keys to her apartment, her MAC computer, brand new books and of course her car.”

The stolen car is a 2017 white Toyota Corolla. Her mother said she’s thankful they did not physically harm her daughter, although she most likely will be scarred forever from this incident.

The teen lives with two other roommates, all of who are terrified now.

“They’re scared. They’re all shell-shocked and locked up in their apartment. My daughter was petrified. Her friends said, ‘Why did you let them take all your stuff?’ She said she just wanted them to go away. They did not touch her physically. They pointed two guns at her.”

“These young kids need to be aware. Baton Rouge is just becoming ‘thugville’ and these children think it can’t happen to them, but they need to be aware it can happen to you.”

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