Victim’s Voice: Suspected burglars caught on camera roaming St. Amant neighborhood

ST. AMANT — In the early morning hours of Monday, Aug 1, three burglars were caught on camera wreaking havoc in a St. Amant neighborhood.

Laurie Campo Aucoin said she received a notification on her phone around 4:20 a.m. When she looked outside, she saw three people ravaging through cars.

“I turned my light on and I had missed them by a minute. They had just been in my car,” she recalled. “I look out my window, and they’re in my daughter’s car across the street. It was three guys, for sure. We have videos of them throughout the whole neighborhood.”

Aucoin said in the videos, you could see they had a gun. She said the robbers didn’t take anything from her but they’re allegedly took from many others in her neighborhood near the Buxton Subdivision.

“They had a gun; you can see it in the video,” she said. “They were looking for cash and were just in cars. My neighbor drove home as they were in my daughter’s car across the street, and they just hid on the side of the trailer and casually walked away. You can see them in my video leaving her house. They went to another neighbor’s house and stole her purse from the car.”

“They hit house after house after house. Cops were here and they probably still in the area when the cops were here,” she continued. “My sister-in-law has a video of a few nights later that looks similar to the same people in another neighborhood. They had masks on, hoodies, and even looked like they had stuff on top of their shoes. They weren’t amateurs for sure.”

Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office is investigating the situation.

“They didn’t take anything out of mine,” Aucoin said. “They did steal my son-in-law’s wallet. He came in late for work and forgot his wallet there. He had his keys in there, but they didn’t take his trucks. I think they were looking for fast cash. I felt very violated and scared, especially when I saw the gun.”

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