Timonets respond to Walker principal’s apology, “We don’t accept his apology”

WALKER — In an email to all Walker High School parents on Sunday night, Walker High Principal Jason St. Pierre apologized to Kaylee Timonet and is trying to make amends on a stripped scholarship, but the Timonet family says they refuse to accept his apology and it’s too late.

It comes after Unfiltered with Kiran‘s report where Timonet was stripped of her scholarship & SGA president title over a dance at a private party after homecoming. The day after UWK‘s report, the Livingston Parish School system launched an investigation into St. Pierre’s actions. As of now, there’s no word from Livingston Parish Schools Superintendent Joe Murphy on whether St. Pierre is facing any disciplinary action.

The private party was at the Livingston Parish Country Club after Walker High’s homecoming on Sept. 30. Kaylee Timonet, 17, a senior at Walker High was in a video dancing behind a friend “twerking.” The hired DJ at the party showed Kaylee’s mother the video before he posted it to ask her permission. Rachel Timonet, Kaylee’s mother said she did not see anything wrong with the video and she was present at the party.

“My child was not representing the school in any way, shape or form at the party,” said the mother.

Kaylee was called into a meeting Tuesday morning, Oct. 3 with the Walker High Principal Jason St. Pierre and asst. principal/instructional coach where she was told he would no longer endorse her for one of two scholarships, her title as the SGA president was taken from her and spoke to her about her religious decisions in the video.

Since then, St. Pierre issued the following email that was provided to UWK:

Good afternoon WHS Family,

I believe it is necessary to respond to the public attention that has resulted from my actions regarding Kaylee Timonet’sparticipation in a dance party that was sponsored at an off-site location following WHS Homecoming.

I have had time to consider my actions, have conversations with the Timonets, and meet with district staff. 

First, let me say that I have apologized to the Timonets and I am hopeful that my scheduled meeting with Kaylee’s mom will rectify this situation and allow Kaylee to enjoy the remainder of her senior year at Walker High School.

I will be reinstating Kaylee’s position on the Student Government Association. The SGA was created to give students a voice in their school and their community, to promote leadership qualities, and to represent their school with pride, enthusiasm, and respect. Our student government members are held to a high standard of student behavior. While I stand by that premise, I do believe that standard deserves the input of not just myself and top administrators, but also those student leaders. I hope to create a path moving forward where we can work together to create clear expectations for all.

I will be reinstating my scholarship endorsement for Kaylee. At Walker High, we strive to place our students first in every decision so they may be prepared for whatever career path they may aspire to take, and I believe my action will assist in doing that.

Finally, during my conversation with Kaylee regarding the dance party, the subject of religious beliefs was broached by Kaylee and myself. While that conversation was meant with the best intentions, I do understand it is not my responsibility to determine what students’ or others’ religious beliefs may be – that should be the responsibility of the individual

As principal of Walker High School, I am faced daily with many difficult decisions for the interest of our students and employees that are never taken lightly. Please know that I always strive to place our students first in every decision. It is for that reason that I have taken this corrective action.

As we move forward, I ask for your continued support of Walker High School, our amazing teachers, and outstanding students. 

Thank you,

Jason St. Pierre, Principal
Walker High School

Timonet family: “We don’t accept his apology”

UWK reached out to Rachel Timonet on St. Pierre’s apology and scholarship re-instatement. Timonet was very upset and tells UWK it’s too late for an apology.

“First of all, he called me at Noon today (Sunday, Oct. 8) and asked me and my daughter to come to the office today. I refused it. He said he wanted to apologize. I told him that I came in the next day and he had his opportunity to do it then. At this point it was too late,” said Rachel Timonet. “Him asking us to come in on a Sunday was totally inappropriate.”

Timonet says she directly contacted Walker High Principal Jason St. Pierre, the asst. principal and the Livingston Parish School Board for immediate resolution on the scholarship along with the other issues, but they did not handle it quick enough according to Timonet.

“I was hoping that they would have this handled before it got to this level and that didn’t happen,” said Rachel Timonet. “Apology is not accepted. He is putting words in my mouth.”

Timonet added the scholarship was due on Oct. 3 so she says she’s unsure if he can actually reinstate her scholarship endorsement that he took away.

“As far as I know, the scholarship cannot be reinstated. He has no authority, unless he spoke to the Senator himself and got an extension.”

Timonet added he’s lying about a scheduled meeting with her and told UWK that she has no scheduled meeting with St. Pierre.

As for Kaylee, she was in tears over St. Pierre’s response.

“She doesn’t feel comfortable being on anything run by him. She’s had enough of him,” her mother told UWK.

Rachel Timonet specifically pointed out the part in St. Pierre’s email about religion where the principal said “the subject of religious beliefs was broached by Kaylee and myself.”

“I taught my children to not talk about politics and religion in any way shape or form. She does not speak about religion. And she did not speak about religion with anyone. She isn’t going to have this conversation with her principal,” she said.

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