Walker man accused of torturing, raping woman for 13 hours

BATON ROUGE — A woman is counting her blessings to be alive after she was allegedly forced to perform oral sex, raped, beaten with a hammer, drug around her home by her hair and locked in her own attic by David Coutee.

The man police say is responsible for the heinous acts, David Coutee, 38, of Walker, has been arrested by the Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office is waiting to be transported to Baton Rouge to face several charges.

Baton Rouge Police say the alleged 13 hours of torture started around 11:30 p.m. on June 11th and went through roughly 12:20 p.m. on June 12, 2024.

David Coutee, 38, of Walker

On June 11th, Coutee went to a home on in Baton Rouge per the victim’s request to move items to the side of the road. While at the home, police say Coutee got upset with the victim suspecting there was another man inside. Despite telling him there was no other man inside, the victim told police that Coutee “grew increasingly aggressive” and that’s when she asked him to leave, but he refused.

“As the victim sat on the bed, the defendant [Coutee] hit her across the face and made her walk with him to search the home naked. The beating intensified as the defendant attempted to drag the victim into the attic by the hair,” read a warrant for Coutee.

Police noted when the victim tried to pull away, Coutee allegedly fell on top of her and then started beating her in the face and head area with a flashlight. He’s accused of grabbing her by the throat and putting her in a headlock until she lost consciousness.

At this point, the victim told officers she remembers Coutee allegedly slapping her and smelling urine on her, where she urinated on herself. She was scared of what he may do next, so she told officers she followed him into the attic. There, she was allegedly forced to perform oral sex on him twice until she threw up both times before he allegedly raped her as “she begged him to stop.” He’s accused of making her perform oral sex again before they together searched the attic for the man, who was not there.

Roughly 20 minutes later, Coutee allegedly helped the victim out of the attic and they searched the home again. This time though, he found two coffee cups in the trash can, which upset him.

“As the victim laid on the kitchen floor, the defendant ran up to the victim kicking her in the ribs and as she stood up, he kicked her in the back and stomach. At some point, the victim was struck with a hammer over various parts of her body,” read the warrant.

The victim took a shower at this point, but Coutee allegedly got in there with her and threatened to beat her with the shower wand if she did not tell him about the man in the home. That’s when documents show the woman gave an ex-boyfriend’s name hoping he would stop beating her. Instead, he allegedly “drug the victim around the residence where she begged him to leave her alone” because “she felt as if she was dying.”

However, she was forced to perform oral sex again until she threw up. He then is accused of raping her a second time.

The victim told police she remembers him allegedly setting fire to paper towels to “smoke the male out of the residence.” He’s also accused of dead bolting the front door so he couldn’t escape, hit a bat on the ground shattering it, punched her in the private area and cut her hair.

He allegedly threatened to stay with her to make sure she would not call the police. He eventually called his father and left the home, at which time the victim was able to get to a hospital.

Baton Rouge Police officers responded to the hospital around 7 p.m. on June 12 for a sexual assault call. Police say the victim was “physically beaten, leaving marks on over 50% of her body” and that she had a “ruptured ear drum, which affected her ability to hear, as well as low pressure in both eyes, due to being hit repeatedly in the face by the defendant [Coutee] with a closed fist and flashlight.”

Coutee is charged with the following:

  • 1 count of first-degree rape
  • 1 count of aggravated second-degree battery
  • 1 count of false imprisonment; offender armed with dangerous weapon
  • 1 count of aggravated criminal damage to property
  • 1 count of aggravated assault

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