‘I ain’t no hero’ | Walker Police Chief saves man from near drowning in swimming pool

WALKER — Walker Police Chief David Addison humbly denies being a hero, but one Walker family would certainly disagree after his heroic actions likely saved a man from a near drowning on Friday afternoon.

Addison was taking his usual walk in his neighborhood near Sidney Hutchinson Park in Walker when he saw three little girls by the side of the road, crying and screaming.

“I started running up to them and asked, ‘What’s wrong?’ They said, ‘My dad is in the pool, and he’s not moving,'” Addison recalled.

He immediately called for help and ran to the pool, where he found a man facedown and unresponsive. The man had been in the water for several minutes and was already turning a dark blue color.

“I jumped in, got his chest and face out of the water, and started chest compressions until my officers arrived to help me get him out of the pool,” Addison said.

Livingston Parish Fire Protection District 4 revived the man and restored his pulse after two rounds of CPR, then Acadian Ambulance rushed him to Ochsner Health Center on O’Neal Lane in critical condition.

“I’m still a little shaken. Those little girls got to me, and I was thinking about them while pulling their dad out of the pool, just hoping he lives for their sake,” an emotional Addison told UWK.

UWK is told that the man, who has not been identified, is in his 40s and may have suffered a seizure before falling into the pool. Addison says the man’s daughters, aged six, five, and three, are the real heroes.

“You feel good that you could do something, but I keep thinking about those poor little girls potentially losing their dad. If I had been a minute or two later, he probably wouldn’t have made it because he had been in the water for probably five minutes.”

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