Water drive for Jackson, MS: “I want to collect 1,000 cases”

A Lane Memorial Hospital employee has taken it upon herself to make a difference for those in Jackson, MS.

“The Lord put it on my heart to collect 1,000 cases and I’m going to do my best,” said Bernice Dixon, who works in the housekeeping department at Lane Memorial.

Dixon said even though God told her 1,000 cases, her goal is to collect 2,000 cases of water for Jackson, MS. In the past week, Dixon said she’s collected roughly 50 cases so far.

“God just laid it on my heart, just to do it,” said Dixon. “I just try to be obedient. When God tells you to do something, you need to do it. A lot of these people in Jackson have families and they need our help. They have babies and older people. Who knows when it’ll be our turn.”

It’s why she’s started a water drive where people can go by the Lane Memorial Hospital in Zachary and drop off cases of water. She said they’re not accepting any monetary donations.

All the water deliveries need to go to the housekeeping building (EVS building) behind the actual hospital in Zachary.   

The deadline to drop off the cases will be Sept. 23rd at 5pm. The donations will be delivered to Jackson that weekend.

Jackson’s problems started after the O.B. Curtis Water Plant failed. Mississippi’s governor declared an emergency with Jackson’s water crisis while President Joe Biden also issued a disaster declaration.

Even after the water is restored in Jackson though, there’s fear it may still not be safe to drink and whether the aging, brittle pipes can handle the pressure.

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