WBR residents demand answers following racist note left on a student’s car at Brusly High

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PORT ALLEN – After a racist note was left on a student’s car at Brusly High School, the West Baton Rouge community got a chance to air some of its concerns to the school board following the road rage incident involving a parent and Brusly High student.

On March 22, 2024, a teenager accidentally cut off Sarah Averette as Averette was heading to drop her child off at school.

From there, after Averette dropped her child in the carpool line, she allegedly circled the student parking in the back of the school, looking for the student. 

Averette also left a threatening note on the student’s car that read, “ATTENTION B*TCH.. I KNOW WHO YOU ARE AND I WILL F*CKING FIND YOU AND F*CK UP YOUR CAR WHEN YOU DON’T EXPECT IT. LEARN HOW TO F*CKING DRIVE.’ The note ended with a derogatory word in all caps.

Note on car at Brusly High

“I was angry. I was furious,” said the teen’s mother, Jasmine Mills. First of all, she’s 17 years old. She’s graduating this year, so it really hurts my heart to watch her hurt. As of right now, we are still traumatized. We have to deal with it every day.”

Residents gathered at the West Baton Rouge Parish School Board office Tuesday night during the board’s executive committee meeting to discuss the issue for nearly an hour. There was standing room only. Many were concerned for children’s safety following what many called a hate crime.

WBR School Board meeting after note on car at Brusly High
School Board meeting in WBR Parish

“We want to address that problem. We want to hear about it, and we want to know about it,” one resident said. “We want to get information about it. We don’t think that y’all are being fair. We don’t think the principal handled it the right way. The child is fearing for her life. You have to address it. We need answers. We’re not going to tolerate it.”

West Baton Rouge Parish Superintendent Chandler Smith said since the note on the car at Brusly High, Averette is banned from the school property indefinitely.

West Baton Rouge Coordinator of School Safety & Security Jakouri Williams said he sent additional security to Brusly High the same day of the incident. 

“We made sure her daughter was protected,” Williams said. “We wanted to make sure we had ample security to keep her safe.”

Mills said she was upset with the way the situation was handled. She said any correspondence between her and the school she had to initiate.

Sonceria Evans said she didn’t find out about the incident until nearly two weeks later when a media outlet published a story about it.

“It upset me to know that a school board member was just knowing about the situation the day it was coming out on the news,” Evans said. “If it hadn’t come out on the news, then how was I going to know?”

Concerned residents were looking for ways to keep the student parking lot at the school safe from intruders. Smith said the issue is the carpool line and student parking lot use the same entrance and exit, so it would be hard to block it off.

“We’ve struggled to make a campus safe without making it feel like a prison for the kids,” said Board President Alden Chustz. “That’s something we’ve struggled with since I’ve been on the board.”

Smith said the school district spent $350,000 on metal detectors at the schools following the fatal shooting at the Port Allen/Brusly football game in early September. The district also added more security cameras, which helped solve the road rage incident at Brusly High.

Mills said Averette communicated through the sheriff’s office that she wanted to apologize to Mills and her daughter, but Mills declined.

“We want justice, but a lot of the damage she’s (Averette) done and they’ve done can’t be fixed,” Mills said. “My baby’s traumatized.”

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  1. She probably says that word herself 10 times a day. The poor crocodiles smell blood in the water so they’re shedding crocodile tears until they can sink their teeth in and get some good ol’ financial revenge against that mean cracker/Karen 😭

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