Update: WBRSO arrests four after shooting during Friday night football

PORT ALLEN — The West Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Office announced new details and that they have arrested two 18-year-olds and two juveniles for their alleged roles in the deadly shooting Friday night during a football game. WBRSO added with the three additional arrests, they believe they now have everyone involved in Friday’s deadly shooting, in custody.

WBRSO Sheriff Mike Cazes said nearly 25 deputies were at the game Friday night and six deputies were directly behind the accused shooter as he shot.

WBRSO arrested Jarrettin Ranaud Jackson II, 18, on Labor Day after they received information that he was in Baton Rouge. East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s deputies arrested and booked him as a fugitive for West Baton Rouge. He was then transported to Port Allen. WBRSO says he is facing second degree murder, attempted second degree murder, carrying a firearm on school property, possession of a machine gun. in connection to the shooting at Port Allen High School on September 1, 2023.

wbrso friday football shooting, Jarrettin Ranaud Jackson II
Jarrettin Ranaud Jackson II

WBRSO said it was around 8:30pm during the Port Allen & Brusly high school game when half time was interrupted with a shooting. Ja’Kobe Queen, 15, was killed in the shooting while a bystander, Brasia Davis, 28, was shot in the arm. She was rushed to a hospital in a private vehicle.

Since the first arrest, WBRSO has arrested another 18-yr-old, Jailyn Smith, and two juveniles. Smith is charged with obstruction of justice, manslaughter and disturbing the peace with a fistic encounter. The juveniles names cannot be released due to their age but WBRSO said they are being housed in various juvenile detention centers around the state.

Ja'Kobe Queen
Ja’Kobe Queen, 15

Juvenile one is charged with manslaughter and disturbing the peace with a fistic encounter. Juvenile two is charged with obstruction of justice.

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As for the investigation, WBRSO released they did find the handgun allegedly used in the shooting and said it had been altered, which led to the possession of a machine gun charge. As of now, WBRSO said the gun is not reported stolen, but they were waiting on ATF to finish tracking the owner.

The case now heads to 18th JDC District Attorney Tony Clayton who had a stern message for any children involved in crime and to their parents.

“We are monitoring social media. We are looking for any type of threats, or any type of messages, as subliminal however they may be and we’re acting on them. And I’ll say to you this district attorney’s office, when I receive the cases from them, we could care less about your race, ethnicity, your nationality. We will not tolerate this type of behavior. Any individual, no matter how old he or she who takes it upon themselves to anoint themselves God and suck the life out of someone else’s child, will give up their right to walk around society as a free person,” said Clayton.

Clayton repeatedly asked parents to watch their children and their social medias.

“You should monitor your own children. If he or she leaves the home dressed in an inappropriate way with guns on them, then you should be held accountable,” said Clayton. “This message is not for the good people out there but those people who want to be in the so called ‘gang world’ out there, we got something for you.”

“We are not going to tolerate that behavior in this parish,” said WBRSO Chief of Staff Kevin Devall. He added if any kids are in any gang-related activities, expect a knock on the door from WBRSO deputies.

Clayton added gang violence is considered organized crime.

“We plan to put together an organized effort within the organized criminal behavior and everybody who aids in that will be just as guilty. So any one of you want to team up with five of your buddies and go fight somebody and somebody pulls a gun out, all of you will be prosecuted,” Clayton added.

The sheriff’s office continues asking for the public’s help with pictures and videos of the scene. You can use the picture below to upload and provide those details to WBRSO.

wbrso friday football shooting

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