Wife calling on Louisiana State Police to take over Nathan Millard’s death investigation

Full interview with Nathan Millard’s wife

BATON ROUGE — Nathan Millard’s wife Amber is calling on the Louisiana State Police to lead the investigation into her husband’s disappearance and death.

In an interview with Unfiltered with Kiran, Amber says she has lost trust in Baton Rouge Police’s handling of the investigation. She says she feels more eyes and more experience are needed to solve the case.


Nathan Millard, 42, went missing in downtown Baton Rouge on February 22 during what was supposed to be a quick 24-hour work trip from Georgia. His body was found nearly two weeks later in an abandoned building off Scenic Hwy.

An autopsy by the East Baton Rouge Parish Coroner’s Office revealed no internal or external trauma to his body. The cause and manner of death is pending until the final results of a toxicology report are complete.

“At this time, we have no indications that there was any foul play involved,” BRPD’s violent crimes unit commander Kevin Heinz said at a news conference Tuesday.

“Nathan was just another number”

Amber says she believes there have been questionable decisions made in the investigation from the beginning.

“Nobody humanly possible can, after they’re deceased, roll themselves up and dispose of their body,” she said of Baton Rouge Police’s assertion that foul play was not involved. “It makes me even nauseous that they can even speak that. (His disappearance) was never taken serious from day one on (BRPD’s) end.”

She says that she doesn’t understand why investigator’s would not keep her husband’s cell phone that was found hours after Nathan had gone missing in downtown Baton Rouge. Amber says that the phone was given back to her husband’s client, and that the phone was then overnighted to the company he worked for.

She tells UWK that she questions why BRPD wouldn’t use the phone to track his last steps, look at phone calls that were made or even check rideshare apps for clues.

Amber also feels that evidence may have been left behind from where her husband’s body was found.

“Why did they leave part of the rug behind,” she questioned. “It just doesn’t make sense. It’s mindboggling, it’s disgusting. I always felt like Nathan was just another number (to them).”

Nathan Millard was found wrapped in a rug and plastic, sources tell UWK.

“It’s gut wrenching, and it makes no sense”

Amber Millard says that police didn’t begin taking the disappearance seriously until the fifth day. She says that once Texas EquuSearch got involved and journalists from Atlanta began asking questions, BRPD became more engaged in the case.

She says she was told by police after reporting her husband missing that there was nothing more she could do and that they would be in touch. Unsettled, Amber flew to Baton Rouge on February 24.

“My gut told me I needed to be there,” she says. “I had to see who I was dealing with.”

Amber says when she questioned investigators about why camera footage wasn’t being shown, she was told that many of the city cameras downtown do not record. She also tells UWK that police said many of the businesses downtown have so-called “dummy cameras” and aren’t actually real cameras.

One of the locations that Nathan made an ATM transaction also did not have a camera, Amber told UWK.

She says that in several conversations with police, she was told how “horrible the area is” and informed about the city’s murder and crime rate. She also says that BRPD told her of eight active gang groups in the area.

“Yet they don’t even have cameras that are recording?” she questioned. “It’s unbelievable. They’re doing everything in their power to make it look like this was Nathan that asked for all of this. It’s gut wrenching, and it makes no sense.”

“Clearly they need help”

Amber says that she has not personally spoken to East Baton Rouge Mayor-President Sharon Weston Broome or Baton Rouge Police Chief Murphy Paul.

“I would love for her to reach out, and by now, I would have thought she would have,” Amber told UWK.

She says that she wants as many eyes on the case.

“I just feel like clearly if (BRPD is) struggling with this investigation, then maybe they can humble themselves and ask for outside assistance like the state police to come in and just get more eyes on the so many unanswered questions,” she said. “Clearly they need help. The puzzle pieces just aren’t adding up.”

UWK reached out to the Louisiana State Police asking if they had any response to Amber’s request to investigate her husband’s death and disappearance. They repeatedly said they were not involved in the investigation and added they had not been contacted by Amber at this time.

Amber said because no one answered when she called the main number for LSP, she left a voicemail and will follow-up with a formal email requesting they take over the investigation.

Email Nathan Millard’s wife sent to Louisiana State Police

“He was the best girl dad”

Nathan Millard and his 7-year-old daughter (Photo provided by family)

Amber says that she wants everyone to know the loving father and husband Nathan was.

“Nathan was a friend to all,” she said. “All he cared about was his family.”

Nathan and Amber have a 7-year-old daughter together. He has two teenage sons from a previous marriage and two teenage stepsons.

“He was the best girl dad,” Amber said. “I always told him he was made to be a girl father. He would do facemasks, tea parties or whatever. He was her playmate.”

She says that the ordeal has been hard to process for their young daughter. Amber says she doesn’t “quite understand what’s going on.”

“We’re trying to just stay as normal on our daily routine as possible.”


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