Witness to Allie Rice’s death: “Still somewhat in shock realizing what happened”

“Someone (Allie Rice) is dead and me being the only witness could easily help figure out who did it or why they did it. I mean it would make Baton Rouge safer to have someone who killed someone off the streets. It didn’t seem like a concern to BRPD to hurry up and get back in touch with me. It just makes Baton Rouge feel unsafe.”

Witness Allie Rice
Portrait of Allison Rice held by her father Paul Rice

A witness to LSU student Allison Rice’s shooting death spoke to Unfiltered with Kiran on the basis of anonymity.

“I’m still somewhat in shock realizing what happened,” he said.

His main reason for speaking out is the information he has can hopefully help find who committed this heinous crime. His second reason is he feels he had to chase down Baton Rouge Police to tell them what he saw and heard, when he felt it should be the other way around.

“They need to do better. With this specific case, with me and my friend being the only witnesses there, it was very shocking to me that when I called BRPD Friday morning, the person told me she couldn’t help me and she would transfer me,” said the witness. “When I got a hold of someone, they told me he was an assistant and that someone would call me back. Hours went by and no one called me so I called Crime Stoppers. They took down the information and I never heard from anyone again.”

Friday afternoon, the witness and his family reached back out to BRPD when he finally got a hold of someone.

“The detective that was supposed to call me back called on Saturday morning and that’s when I spoke to him and we have spoken once more since then. I don’t think it should have taken that long,” recalled the witness. “I mean they’re saying ‘If anyone has information, call.’ So, of course I’m going to call. Obviously the sooner you get the information if it were these two guys, the sooner you would be able to find them.”

Witness for Allie Rice’s murder account of what happened

The witness on the Allie Rice murder said he and a friend left an establishment in downtown Baton Rouge on Friday, Sept. 16th at 2am when it closed.

“I was bringing my friend home who lives on Government St. When we got on Government, we came up to the train tracks and the train was at a complete stop. Not even 10 minutes later, these two guys walked past my car. One of them was wearing darker clothes with long sleeves. One of them was wearing a red hoodie with the hoodie over his head. They were both black males, I would say mid 20’s and both of them were around 5’10 or 5’11,” said the witness.

“At this time, her vehicle pulled up (Allison Rice’s silver SUV). I was going away from downtown on Government and she was coming towards downtown. These two guys walked past my vehicle. The train was still at a complete stop. They were walking through the cars of the train to get across the tracks. Not even 10 minutes went by and I heard the gunshots go off,” he said.

“I heard multiple gunshots, at least five to six over and after that, I could still see her car parked. As soon as the gunshots went off, she tried to turn around and then she just stopped. I could not tell where the gunshots were coming from but I just knew they were very close to me. I ended up backing out and leaving. That’s when I suspected the person heard them too and was leaving as well. My first instinct was that I don’t need to be here, I need to leave.”

“I ended up getting back on the interstate. I went around the train and got off at Dalrymple and went to drop off my friend. I went back home and went to bed. The next morning, I saw that someone had been found dead by the tracks. That’s when I realized that’s exactly the car I saw and the time and the gunshots I heard.”

“If I would have realized that specific vehicle got shot up, I would have immediately called. I just assumed this person was doing the exact same thing of trying to leave.”

“Honestly, I guilt tripped myself into thinking I should have called someone. I had my friend with me and he feels the exact same way. Maybe someone would have gotten there to help her. That’s what gets me the most that I could have helped her and I didn’t but I had no clue that vehicle was getting shot at. I just thought that vehicle was doing the exact same thing, leaving because they heard the gunshots.

I think if it were those two guys who walked past me, I think if I didn’t have my friend in the car, that could have easily been me. It was two guys. It was my friend and I. With her, it was a female and alone which makes her an easier target.”

The witness provided even more insight to the case. He said after the gunshots, he saw Rice pull up, turn around and then stop, which explains why her SUV was facing eastbound on Government St.

“I could still see the vehicle through the train cars. No doors were open that someone tried to get in her vehicle,” he said.

Multiple reliable sources told Unfiltered with Kiran the scene often provides insight into what happened. At this specific scene though, investigators could not find evidence of a robbery or an attempted robbery. That could of course change as the investigation continues. However, UWK has learned that many of the investigators are at a true loss to determine the motive behind Rice’s shooting death.

“I just feel the crime here makes you feel very unsafe to go anywhere. I can’t imagine being a girl alone. I used to actually live off of Government St. I’ve heard gunshots multiple times living off Government St. so I moved hoping to find somewhere better,” he recalled. “I’ve been stopped at that train tracks multiple times when I’ve left Government St. I don’t feel safe stopping there or any red light for that matter. That could have easily been me. I don’t feel safe going out at night especially alone. A lot of my friends go out and it could have been them, someone I know.”

Rice was a 21-yr-old senior at LSU, who was headed back home to the university after leaving an establishment in mid-city. Many have pointed the finger at the victim asking why she would be out so late.

“Why is any college student out at 2 in the morning? College students go out. They hang out with friends,” said the witness.

It’s why he said he doesn’t understand why BRPD officers and detectives would not jump at the opportunity to get any information from the witness in the Allie Rice investigation.

“I think it’s important. Someone is dead and me being the only witness could easily help figure out who did it or why they did it. I mean it would make Baton Rouge safer to have someone who killed someone off the streets. It didn’t seem like a concern to BRPD to hurry up and get back in touch with me. It just makes Baton Rouge feel unsafe.”

The witness in the Allie Rice murder closed by saying he feels BRPD needs to do better and that violence in general in Baton Rouge has increased so much that it’s out of hand at this point.

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