Woman arrested, accused of killing two ex-boyfriends

BATON ROUGE —- A 42-yr-old woman was arrested & accused of shooting & killing two of her former boyfriends.

Christopher Holden’s body was found around 7am on Saturday, July 15. On July 17, officials arrested Janice Frazier in connection to his murder.

Police say Tuesday that Frazier was charged with murder in the October 2021 shooting death of Emanie Anderson Jr. on Hyacinth Avenue.

girlfriend arrest body in park

A volunteer group cleaning the Flannery Road Park, Keep Tiger Town Beautiful, found Holden over the weekend. KTTB’s Jennifer Richardson told UWK the man had been shot in the back. Keep Tiger Town Beautiful, a non-profit volunteer group, was at the Brec Park as part of a service day with nearly 25-30 participants to clean up the park.

“We have found all sorts of things in Baton Rouge from machine guns, hand guns, needles, drugs, everything but we have never found a body,” said Richardson.

Sources tell UWK Holden was not shot in the park. Instead, he was killed elsewhere and his body was dragged and left in the Flannery Rd. Brec Park.

Sources added the shooting appears to have happened at an apartment complex on Blvd. de Province in Baton Rouge on July 15. Frazier is accused of not only shooting and killing Holden, but then she also allegedly tried to clean up the original scene.

Frazier is charged with second degree murder and obstruction of justice. The ex-girlfriend was arrested for the body in the park after sources say she allegedly confessed to the killing.

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