Woman arrested for ‘casing rooms’ to allegedly kidnap 9-month-old child from hospital

BATON ROUGE — A 21-year-old woman has been arrested, accused of “casing rooms” at Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital with the intent to kidnap a child.

Dinesty Selmon, 21, allegedly took her boyfriend to a room containing a child and falsely claimed he was the biological father. Subsequently, she was arrested for attempting to abduct a 9-month-old child and was informed that she could not return to Children’s Hospital.

Dinesty Selmon arrested for allegedly trying to kidnap a child

The investigation

Between February 19, 2024, and March 1, 2024, Selmon is accused of visiting Baton Rouge’s Children’s Hospital on Constantine Blvd. approximately seven times.

Arresting documents say security and the nursing staff at the hospital started asking Selmon questions after she allegedly “gained entry to restricted areas of the hospital by means of false pretenses.” The hospital’s staff launched an investigation into the matter and found that Selmon allegedly “obtained a ‘Parent/Caregiver’ badge granting her access to certain floors and rooms of the hospital when she did not have a child or child in which she provided care (for) as a patient, in the hospital.”

Timeline: ‘Casing rooms’ to allegedly kidnap child

Arresting documents say the hospital’s security cameras caught Selmon on the surgery wing of Children’s Hospital (second floor) on Feb. 19th & 20th wearing the ‘Parent/Caregiver’ badge. However, officials say that floor is only for families or guests of children undergoing surgery, none of which applied to Selmon.

Then, on February 21, 2024, Selmon allegedly rang the doorbell at the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) after visiting hours, claiming she was there to visit. Staff informed her that they didn’t recognize her as a parent of any patients, and visiting hours had ended.

“A short time later, the same staff member granted access to an actual parent of a patient in that wing and Selmon followed in behind that person. The staff member recognized Selmon and observed her slowly walking past each patient’s room looking inside,” according to arresting documents. The staff member went up to Selmon and told her that visiting hours were over, and she was escorted out of the restricted area.

The next night, Selmon allegedly attempted to do the same thing but the same staff member questioned her of who she was at the hospital to visit. Selmon allegedly told the staff member her nephew was there but she could not provide his name or room number.

On February 29, 2024, Selmon is accused of bringing her boyfriend into a room with a 9-month-old baby, falsely asserting that he was the biological father of their son, “Lenyx Morgan.” Investigators later confirmed that neither Selmon nor her boyfriend were known to the child’s biological parents, who had not authorized their presence in the room.

March 1, 2024, the boyfriend started questioning things and asked the nurse about his so-called son. The nurse informed him they did not have a patient by the name “Lenyx Morgan” anywhere in the hospital. He mentioned that Selmon and his family were on the way to see whom he believed was his son. At that time, Selmon was told she is not allowed to return to the hospital.

The arrest

Through their investigation, officials say they learned that Selmon made several doctor’s appointments for Lenyx Morgan. She allegedly said Lenyx has several of the same symptoms the 9-month-old in that room was having. That’s why officials believe Selmon “intended on possibly kidnapping said child.”

Baton Rouge Police officers got a warrant for her arrest on March 12, 2024. On March 26, Selmon was arrested by Bossier City Police officers as a fugitive for East Baton Rouge Parish. She was transported back to Baton Rouge on March 28th.

She is now at the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison charged with attempted kidnapping and seven counts of unauthorized entry of a business.

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