Taylor Tidwell lost her engagement ring at Fred's on the River

Woman searching for heirloom engagement ring lost at Fred’s on the River

PRAIRIEVILLE, La. – Taylor Tidwell and her fiancé Will Moriarty met up with friends for a regular Saturday night at Fred’s on the River in Prairieville. The couple, who got engaged in September, was enjoying a few drinks and good conversation.

When Taylor woke up Sunday morning, she realized something was missing. Her engagement ring that she usually takes off before going to sleep was not where she usually keeps it. 

Taylor Tidwell lost engagement ring
Taylor Tidwell and fiancé Will Moriarty will be married in January 2025. Taylor lost her engagement ring on Saturday, February 24, at Fred’s on the River in Prairieville. Photo courtesy: Taylor Tidwell

“I always take it off the night before and put it on my little ring dish and it wasn’t there the next morning,” Taylor told UWK.

Once she and Will looked around and realized the ring was actually missing, their frantic search began for the lost engagement ring.

“It was his great-grandmother’s ring and it came in a stack with other diamonds,” said Taylor. “But he knew I wanted a simple ring and nothing too blingy. So he put one of the diamonds on a gold band for me and we might use the other diamonds for the wedding band or something.”

Taylor Tidwell, lost engagement ring
The one-carat diamond ring with a hidden halo, is a size 7.5 with a gold band.

The one-carat diamond ring with a hidden halo, is a size 7.5 with a gold band. It’s very sentimental since it belonged to Will’s great-grandmother. Will noticed the ring on her finger about halfway through the night at Fred’s. Since he had the ring custom made for her, Taylor says the ring fit perfectly and has never fallen off.

“I don’t remember it falling off or not being there and neither does anybody that I was with,” Taylor recalled. “I kind of have to like, wiggle it or work it just to get it over my knuckles. So it’s not like it would have just slipped off or something.”

Taylor said even though she sometimes twists and plays with it on her finger, she doesn’t take the ring off. While she admits to being a very bubbly person, she doesn’t remember the ring falling off but says obviously it could have.

“Throughout the night, I remember talking to people about my engagement or my wedding and stuff because I was seeing people that I knew,” she recalled. “But never did I notice like, ‘Oh, wait, my ring’s gone!’ or ‘Oh, there’s my ring. It looks good here, look at it!'”

On Sunday morning once they realized the ring was missing, Will and Taylor went back to Fred’s and searched everywhere for it. They searched the table where they’d been sitting, the bathroom and the floor, which had been freshly swept and mopped.

“I stayed pretty much within our friend group. There wasn’t anybody that I really communicated with [that night], for a long extended period of time, outside of my friend group,” Taylor remembered.

Taylor posted a message on Facebook about the lost engagement ring in hopes that someone who might have found it will return it to them. She did receive a message from a guy who offered to meet them at Fred’s to search again for the ring.

“I don’t even know how he knew me, but he messaged me and he was like, ‘Hey, I have a metal detector like you wanna go search the parking lot?'”

Taylor and Will will be married in January 2025. In the meantime, they are hopeful they will either find the ring or someone will turn it in.

“I took off of work today because I’m just … I cannot even focus,” said Taylor.

If you have any information about the ring, please message us via our UWK Facebook page or email news@unfilteredwithkiran.com and we will share your information with Taylor and Will.

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