Women arrested, accused of throwing “lighter fluid” & almost hitting a man with her car

What started as an argument over wanting to know who a man was on the phone with, ended with a 28-yr-old woman arrested accused of throwing lighter fluid on the victim and trying to hit him with her car.

The East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office arrested Dominique Chukwu, 28, for domestic abuse battery child endangerment because the alleged abuse was while children under the age of 13 were in the home. She’s also charged with domestic abuse aggravated assault for allegedly trying to hit a victim with her 2010 Nissan Altima. The argument started over a 2-hr phone call by the victim in the case.

On Jan. 24, deputies responded to Chukwu’s house for a domestic disturbance. That’s when they found a victim on scene who told deputies that he packed his clothing and was trying to leave the home when Chukwu “stood in front of the door, sprayed him with lighter fluid, along with his bags of clothing, and struck him in the face with a clinched fist” all while Chukwu’s children were at home in their room. 

The victim said he pushed Chukwu from the doorway and ran out of the home, but he told deputies Chukwu allegedly “grabbed his flannel that he was wearing and ripped it.”

The victim continued walking down the street and was calling police when he said he heard an engine behind him rev. That’s when he told deputies Chukwu allegedly tried to hit with her car. He was able to jump out of the way in time, headed back to the home where he was greeted by deputies.

Chukwu admitted to yelling at the victim about the phone call. She told deputies she poured lighter fluid on the bags and that he pushed her out of the way which left her with a busted lip. 

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