You’re Invited: Mardi Gras bash to raise money for organ donation

Organ donation gives people a second chance at life and you can be the reason eight additional people live after they receive the gift of life.

Wendy Lipsey is the woman all these pictures. She has received not one, but three donated organs and given two additional chances at life.

In 2009, she had her first liver transplant. But in 2015, doctors told her that liver was in failure and all the toxics from that liver had gone to her kidney. That meant she needed a new liver and kidney in order to survive within 72 hours. She went into a coma and doctors were not sure if she would make it that is until doctors came in her room telling her family they had a perfect match of a liver and kidney.

Today, Lipsey is living her life to the fullest thanks to not one, but two people who gave her the gift of life. She’s a mother, daughter, sister and a family friend/adopted sister to Kiran Chawla.

Chawla met Lipsey in 2010 while doing a Thanksgiving story on how the Lipsey family was forever grateful to the anonymous hero who gave her a second chance at life. Since then, the two have become family and inseparable.

“I can tell you from experience, Wendy and I go back nearly 12 years now and I cannot imagine my life without her and her family in it. She’s been there not only through all my good and happy times, but we’ve been each other’s rocks through every hardship the last 12 years. But it’s not just Wendy. I’ve been blessed to watch her son Luke grow up from when he was only 12 to now a handsome, successful, loving and caring young adult. He’s like my own son. In fact, we joke that ‘my Lukey Luke is half mine.’ Her parents and sister are my extended family, but my point is, none of this would be possible if two heroes had not said yes to organ donation,” said Chawla.

That’s why you need to put the heart on your driver’s license and say yes to organ donation. You could be a hero to eight other people. One person can save up to eight lives and enhance countless others through through their cornea and tissue donations. Cornea can be used to restore vision and tissue can be used to help burn victims. 


This Saturday, Feb. 5th, well-known podcaster Woody Overton from Real Life, Real Crime is hosting his third annual Krewe Bash to help raise money for Louisiana Organ Procurement Agency (LOPA) and to help raise awareness.

Raffle tickets are now on sale for $15 each or 10 for $100. If interested in tickets, you must buy them by Friday, Feb. 4th at 7pm at the latest. (Picture to left is the QR code). Simply scan it with your cell phone’s camera to purchase your tickets now or click on link below.


You do not need to be present to the Krewe Bash to win prizes. Nearly $20,000 in prizes will be given away. Below are pictures of some of the prizes people will win. All the proceeds from the raffle tickets will go to LOPA to help save more lives. (Story continues below)

You can also purchase tickets to Woody Overton’s third annual Krewe Bash and get a behind-the-scene look at how he puts together his Real Life, Real Crime podcast.


This year, the annual party will also celebrate Overton’s 52nd birthday. The Krewe Bash celebrates the podcasts’ fans and provides a meet & greet with Overton who takes people into his world showing you his love & gratitude all while throwing a huge party.

This year, the Chase Tyler Band will be performing.

The Krewe Bash is Saturday, Feb. 5th at 7pm at the Basin on 3rd St. in Baton Rouge.

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