Glenn Sullivan Sr. ordered to be physically castrated per his 50-year sentence for four counts of rape
Glenn Sullivan Sr. ordered to be physically castrated per his 50-year sentence for four counts of rape

Man to be physically castrated | ‘People who do unimaginable things to children deserve the worst punishment’

LIVINGSTON — It’s the first of its kind ruling in Livingston Parish where a man must be physically castrated during his 50-year sentence for multiple rapes.

Glenn Sullivan Sr., 54, went before Livingston Parish Judge William Dykes on April 17, 2024. He pleaded guilty to four counts of second-degree rape and was sentenced to 50 years with the Louisiana Department of Corrections. In addition to having to serve 50 years in prison, the plea entered requires Glenn Sullivan to be physically castrated.

Glenn Sullivan Sr. ordered to be physically castrated per his 50-year sentence for four counts of rape
Glenn Sullivan Sr. ordered to be physically castrated per his 50-year sentence for four counts of rape

“I have been receiving more and more files involving the sexual abuse of children,” said Assistant District Attorney Brad Cascio, who prosecuted the case. “As a father, it’s difficult not to put yourself in the victim’s family’s shoes. I rarely go more than a few days without working on a file like this one. I just feel it’s time to fight back stronger.”

On July 12, 2022, Det. Ryan Bernard with the Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office took a walk-in complaint from a young woman claiming Glenn Sullivan Sr. raped her multiple times when she was 14 years old. The Livingston Parish District Attorney’s Office said one of the rapes led to the victim becoming pregnant.

Through the investigation, a DNA test determined Glenn Sullivan Sr. was the father.

“It was further discovered that after years of grooming, Glenn Sullivan Sr. used threats of violence towards the victim and the victim’s family to prevent her from disclosing the rapes,” said the DA’s office in a news release.

“Often, the law restricts us to a punishment that sometimes I feel is not enough. People who do these unimaginable things to our children deserve the worst punishment we can give. I’ve had enough. Not only do I believe that he deserves what he got, but I honestly believe he deserves worse. I also think this sends a message to others. We will not tolerate the abuse of our children,” said Cascio.

This is the fourth castration sentence Cascio has gotten as a prosecutor. The first three required a chemical castration, whereas this will be the first physical castration under Cascio’s watch. Sullivan must be castrated before his 50-year sentence is up and prior to his release.

“Sex crimes against juveniles are the most malicious crimes we prosecute. I intend on using every tool the legislature is willing to give us, including physical castration, to seek justice for the children in our community,” said Cascio. “So many of these types of cases go unreported because of fear. The strength it must have taken for this young woman to tell the truth in the face of threats and adversity is truly incredible.”

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3 Responses

  1. While I am happy this survivor gets justice, I wish we would push resources towards things like processing rape kits and adequate training for those taking these types of cases. I think that ensuring this man cannot harm others and making sure this lineage dies out is great but I worry about how this could be used against the most vulnerable in our population, as well. Harsher punishments don’t make me happy. Enabling victims to use their voices and for the truth to ring out does, though.

  2. was it real forceful rape, Or was it the consensual sex of adults on teenagers that the wicked U.S people loves to lie and call rape.

  3. Stories report he groomed her and threatened her family. I don’t think it was consensual. No 14 year old is going to say yes to an old man.

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