Family searching for unique LSU jacket belonging to Vietnam Vet, former BRPD officer mistakenly sold at Goodwill

DENHAM SPRINGS — In the midst of grieving the loss of a cherished patriarch, a family is asking for assistance in locating a sentimental keepsake that held special significance.

Michael “Bubba” Gagliano, 75, passed away on Sunday, and his family is trying to locate a unique jacket he had owned for over two decades.

“He had this very unique LSU jacket that clearly can’t be replaced because it’s his, but then you literally can’t replace it,” said Bubba’s daughter, Carrie Gagliano. “It disappeared from the nursing home where he was and was donated to Goodwill in Denham Springs weeks ago. My sister and I cleaned out his room, and I noticed the jacket was missing.”

The search for the jacket yielded info given by a Goodwill worker, indicating that the jacket was placed on the sales floor last week. Gagliano said the worker told her the jacket likely sold fast because it was rare.

Gagliano tells UWK that her father was an LSU band alumnus who attended LSU in the 60s. She believes the jacket was related to that time in his life. Bubba was also a founding member of the Court Jesters, the brass band that performed at LSU basketball games.

His family tells UWK that the jacket was custom made and the only jacket that exists in that style.

“Initially, the band didn’t go to basketball games, and so my dad and a group of his friends decided they would go to the basketball games and play band music at the games,” Gagliano explained.

Despite being drafted into the Vietnam War and having to forego his senior year at LSU, Bubba’s involvement with the band remained a constant in his life.

“Band was always a big part of his life,” she said. “He always went to the reunions. He sat on the board for a few years. He supported the fraternity there for the band, Kappa Kappa Psi. He was actually one of the founders of their alumni chapter as well.”

Following his service as a Sgt. in the United States Air Force, Bubba joined the Baton Rouge Police Department upon his return home.

Reflecting on her father’s legacy, Gagliano said, “He was such an amazing dad. He was so supportive and loving. He was kind to everyone. After he came back from his military service, he was stationed in Alaska and became a Baton Rouge police officer. Even the people he worked with in the police department just spoke about how kind he was and what a good guy he was. We couldn’t have asked for better.”

The family says they will pay for the jacket’s return. You can contact the family on their Facebook page or email

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