Suspect shot & killed after reportedly attacking officer during transfer had lengthy criminal past

BATON ROUGE — The man who was shot by law enforcement after allegedly attacking an officer has been identified as Raymond Huddleston, 46, of Baton Rouge. Huddleston was being housed at the prison in Catahoula Parish and was being transported to Baton Rouge for a court appearance when the deadly altercation unfolded.

The incident occurred around 7 a.m. on May 1, 2024, as Huddleston and another inmate were near the Louisiana and Mississippi state line en route to Baton Rouge. According to State Police, Huddleston faked having a seizure, prompting the officers to pull over in the parking lot of a truck stop in West Feliciana Parish.

When an officer went to the back of the van to check on Huddleston, he allegedly attacked the officer after somehow freeing himself from the zip ties on his hands. Huddleston reportedly managed to disarm the officer’s gun and holster, but the gun remained secured in the holster. After allegedly beating the officer with the gun and holster, Huddleston dropped it and attempted to take control of the van. It was at this point that he was shot and died at the scene.

UWK investigated the reasons behind Huddleston’s incarceration and his scheduled court appearance. In March 2023, Huddleston allegedly engaged in a physical altercation with a woman he had been in a relationship with for nearly 20 years. According to court records, he allegedly “pushed the victim against a wall and grabbed her by the neck”, preventing her from leaving.

Raymond Huddleston, 46, of Baton Rouge
Raymond Huddleston, 46, of Baton Rouge

The victim told officers she could not leave and even had a gun pointed at her threatening to hurt her. She said she had to take her mother to the bank and Huddleston allegedly told her “if she attempted anything that he would kill her and her mother.”

Still, the victim took a chance and told someone to call police, and when officers arrived, Huddleston allegedly tossed a gun. Upon his arrest, it was discovered that the gun Huddleston allegedly possessed was stolen.

Huddleston had a history of criminal activity dating back to June 1996, when he was 18 years old. His charges included burglary, aggravated assault, battery, theft, burglary of a vehicle, carnal knowledge of a juvenile, and failure to register as a sex offender, among others.

He was on probation or parole starting June 2022 through September 2027.

In the March 2023 case, he faced charges of aggravated kidnapping, domestic abuse battery by strangulation, obstruction of justice, domestic abuse aggravated assault with a firearm, resisting an officer, possession of a stolen firearm, and possession of an illegal firearm by a convicted felon. Despite pleading not guilty to these charges, Huddleston was expected in court for a motion hearing on May 1, 2024.

Kathryn Jakuback Burke, who was representing him, expressed her condolences, stating, “We were devastated to hear of Mr. Huddleston’s passing and ask that his family and loved ones be given peace and dignity while they mourn. Our office cherishes the memories that we have of Raymond: his smile, his laughter, his unshakable faith, and his profound capacity for hope,” Burke told UWK.

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