Baton Rouge ranks most dangerous city to drive in U.S.

Despite the decline in motor vehicle fatalities, there are still over a one million people who are killed in automobile accidents every year, according to the CDC.

The National Safety Council says the number of vehicle deaths per capita has fallen by more than half in the last 50 years from 26.8 per 100,000 Americans in 1970 to 12.9 per 100,000 in 2020.

Car experts The Clunker Junker analyzed data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to determine the most dangerous places to drive in the United States.

The experts ranked the places on the number of annual car accidents per 100,000 registered vehicles. Baton Rouge was the No. 1 ranked city.


According to the analysis, Baton Rouge reported an average of 24.9 accidents per 100,000 vehicles annually, making it the most dangerous city for driving.

Of the 10 most dangerous cities to drive, six are in the south, three are in the Midwest, and one is in the West. Most of the cities are mid-size metro areas with a mix of urban and suburban development.

Mississippi ranks as the most dangerous state for driving with 30.1 accidents per 100,000 vehicles. Louisiana as a whole, was third with 18.5 per 100,000. South Carolina was second with 20.7 accidents.

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