Sources: Doctor notified DCFS twice prior to 2-yr-old’s death of possible Fentanyl overdoses

New details are coming to light in the case of 2-yr-old Mitchell Robinson, who died from a Fentanyl overdose.

Credible sources now tell Unfiltered with Kiran a doctor notified the Louisiana Department of Child & Family Services, or DCFS, both in April and June 2022 that the toddler may have overdosed on Fentanyl. However, DCFS needed more proof and allegedly did nothing. It’s why in June 2022, the doctor ordered a blood test on the child which confirmed Fentanyl in his system. Even with proof, DCFS allegedly still did nothing. That was on June 17th.  That means, a report could exist for June 17th, but what came of that or did anything even come from it?

Nine days later, the toddler died from a Fentanyl overdose. The toxicology on the child showed a presence of 14 nanogram/milliliter of Fentanyl in his system. Anything over 3 nanogram/millileter in adults is considered toxic. The toddler was nearly 5 times the lethal level. Fentanyl ranks as the second most powerful opioid.

It’s why the Louisiana Inspector General’s Office has launched an investigation into DCFS.

The toddler, Mitchell Robinson, was rushed to Children’s Hospital on June 26th and died shortly after arriving. That’s when East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s deputies responded to the hospital because medical personnel told them the toddler’s death was “suspicious.”

This was Robinson’s third time to the hospital since April. Specifically, on April 12th, the toddler went to a hospital for being “unresponsive with an altered mental status and respiratory failure.” The child was revived with Narcan and given back to his mother, 28 yr old Whitney Ard four days later on April 16th.

Then, on June 4th, same thing. Toddler was admitted and treated for “lethargic behavior, acute respiratory failure, and seizure disorder.” Narcan once again worked and the child was released to his mother, Whitney Ard.

Ard was arrested in May 2022 on several drug charges (pictures above). It’s why she told deputies that she didn’t even have custody of the little boy until June 25th, one day before he died. However, the little boy’s sister was interviewed by the Children’s Advocacy Center who told officials her mom had pills on her bed and her brother ate mom’s pills. She added her mother would “whip him and make him go to the bed.” In reference to the June 26th case, the sister said her brother was “outside and his lips were blue.”

Inspector General Stephen Street said he could not comment or confirm or deny whether they were investigating but DCFS said they are cooperating with the Inspector General’s investigation.

DCFS did issue a statement:

“When we learned of the tragedy involving this child, we immediately began a comprehensive review of this case all circumstances surrounding it.

The Department has already taken numerous steps to make changes that range from policy changes to personnel actions. The review is ongoing.

We are also working with the Office of Inspector General to review every step of this case and will not be able to comment further.”

This investigation into DCFS is for the death of 2-yr-old Mitchell Robinson but it could expand to other possible cases.

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